Care And Maintenance

The Ball-Bandit is designed to take almost anything you can throw at it. However there are a few things that can impede optimal performance.  Grass or dirt can sometimes get in between the ball bearings and the head assembly. Most of the time, regular use of the Ball-Bandit will work the dirt and grass out.  If it does not, you can manually clean out the spring channel by flushing with a steady stream of water.  If this doesn't clear the channel, you can access the channel as follows:


  • Remove the jam screw using a 6mm allen wrench.
  • Remove the jam spring and ball bearing.

  • Flush the channel with water until it is clear.

  • Place the ball bearing and then the spring back in the channel.

  • Replace the jam screw and hand tighten with the allen wrench.



  • Do not overtighten the jam screw. Using the hand-held hex wrench, turn it until you feel it stop.
  • Correct spring pressure depends on the jam screw being fully seated.